Carlson's welded cylinders are manufactured in custom sizes to fit your particular need. Our cylinders feature an all-welded design that is rated up to 5000 PSI based on customer requirements. Carlson can also furnish cylinders with special tube ports, piston seals, rod sizes, base mountings and special clevises. At Carlson, we use precision honed tubing, the finest hard chrome plated rod for shafts, and highest-grade ductile and gray metals for bases and pistons. Seals are tested by the manufacturer and guaranteed. Carlson's high quality and testing meets the stringent demands of the fluid power industry.

  • Bore sizes 1 1/2 and up
  • Honed finish on tubes "ID"
  • Machined steel or cast steel clevis pins
  • Ground, polished and hard-chrome plated rods
  • Numerous types of base ends and rod ends available
  • Custom sizes and hard to find sizes
  • Up to 5000 PSI rating

Smart Cylinders with Exceptional Repeatability

Bore Sizes From 1 1/2" And Up

Carlson Smart Cylinders are especially useful when the operator needs to know, or be able to pre-determine the length of the stroke of a rod, and be able to repeat that stroke over and over. Carlson manufactures Smart Cylinders for a wide range of applications, from road building equipment to agriculture, and that list is growing daily.

These linear feedback devices do not control the rod position. They sense the position of the stroke and send an analog output of its position through a miniature resistance element to the associated electronics. The cylinder can then be controlled by a proportional valve and a PLC unit.