At Carlson Hydraulics, we know that machining precision can only be achieved with state-of-the-art CNC equipment and highly trained experienced operators. Carlson utilizes both of these in the manufacturing of all components that go into our high-quality welded cylinders that meet all of our customer’s specific needs.

CNC robotic welding, CNC turning centers, and CNC mills all are important aspects of our processes that contribute to our excellent reputation. The job is not complete until our hydraulic cylinders have been tested for conformance to your required specifications. All cylinders made by Carlson are tested using compressed air and then tested again using hydraulic fluid on our testing bench, based on the individual pressure ratings as required for each cylinder.

Only after all of this are our cylinders considered ready for paint and packaging. Remember, whether its one or one thousand hydraulic cylinders, Carlson can take care of you.